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Pain Management for Dental Procedures

You can experience pain almost anywhere in the mouth. The good news? We can manage pain almost anywhere in the mouth. In fact, we provide pain management for dental procedures and dental issues of all kinds. And that can mean less discomfort, plus fewer sleep disorders, headaches, and neck aches. Call us so we can discuss all of your options.

Managing pain

There are many methods for relieving oral pain. They include placing ice packs on the affected area, avoiding hard candy or ice, and not sleeping on your stomach. As you’ll see, Dr. Segal and his staff employ a wide array of pain management tools.


Every medical procedure is different. But our doctors sometimes prescribe medication to relieve pain or fight infection. Please let us know, in advance, what medication or medications you are taking. And if new medication is prescribed for you, please read the instructions carefully and follow them completely.