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TMD diagnosis + TMD treatment

The TMD Condition

TMD can be difficult to diagnose and treat because the problem often crosses over into several different specialties in medicine and dentistry. Fortunately, TMD is usually managed without surgery. The important thing is to see a dentist like Dr. Marc Segal, who is trained, qualified, and has the technology to diagnose and treat TMD.

TMD Diagnosis

To positively diagnose TMD, Dr. Segal will request a thorough health history, perform a comprehensive exam, take special X-rays, and perform range-of-motion testing, joint vibration analysis, jaw tracking, and other diagnostics on an as-needed basis.

Treatments for TMD

Dr. Segal's treatment philosophy is conservative and non-surgical. Once we discuss your symptoms, Dr. Segal can use selected treatments such as: custom orthotic (splint); spray and stretch; nutrition counseling or referral; energex (pulsed radiofrequency tissue stimulator); iontophoresis; trigger point injection; and jaw, head, and neck exercises. Custom-fitted orthotics -- also known as a splint -- are usually part of Dr. Segal's TMD treatment. A splint helps eliminate muscle spasms and pain. It also stabilizes the TM joints.

Minimize Your Own TMD Condition

After Dr. Segal begins treatment, here are some steps that you can take:
Manage stress (get stress counseling, if necessary)
Apply heat to sore muscles
Apply cold to swollen areas
Begin a regular exercise program
Avoid chewing gum or eating crunchy, chewy foods
Eat a well-balanced diet

Dr. Segal treats every case individually. He will often suggest supplemental care as well as referrals to other health professionals.

Segal DDS TMD Testimonials

“Dr. Segal helped me tremendously. I have advanced rheumatoid arthritis and TMJ. The pain spread all over my jaws, face, head and neck. I could barely open my mouth to eat. After using state-of-the-art testing technology, Dr. Segal made my custom mouthpieces, which relieved much of my pain and allowed me to eat normally. I am very grateful to Dr. Segal and his staff.”

-- Dr. Terry --

“I began treatment with Dr. Segal in January 2008 for TMJ. I had been experiencing severe pain on both sides of my jaw, my face, neck, upper back, temples, teeth and the back of my eyes and skull. I experienced headaches, varying from chronic dull pain to severe migraines. My sleep was poor, and I woke up exhausted with tense, sore face, neck and jaw muscles daily. It was difficult for me to chew, and my ability to eat certain foods was limited. I felt like no one understood, until I was referred to Dr. Segal. His staff took time to listen, and understand the impact that TMJ has had on my life for the past 17 years. They were more than accommodating in referring me to resources to help meet the modest financial needs. Dr. Segal has the top-of-the-line equipment necessary to reduce TMJ pain and prevent further discomfort. Shortly after beginning treatment with Dr. Segal, I began to see improvement week-by-week. It has been over a year since I began treatment for TMJ, and I feel indebted to Dr. Segal and his staff. I am finally free from pain. Thank you, Dr. Segal, Maureen and staff.”

-- Kelly C --