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Tooth Care Topics to Beat Tooth Decay

We all know what tooth decay looks like (and feels like), right? The goal here is to minimize – or hopefully eliminate -- tooth decay by stepping up your tooth-care efforts. Here are a number of tooth care topics to read and study. They’re brief, but informative. And know that our dentists and staff are here to elaborate on any topics below.

What Is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is caused by plaque, a tacky, colorless film that coats the teeth. The presence of plaque allows bacteria to run wild in the mouth, attacking tooth enamel, causing gum irritation, infecting the inside of the tooth, and so much more. Talk to us about how you can minimize plaque (and tooth decay) by changing your diet and improving your oral health.


Seems rather basic, right? But there’s a good way to brush. And then there’s a better way to brush:

  • Keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle
  • Brush in a circular motion – no up and down
  • Brush a few teeth at a time
  • Brush all surfaces in your mouth
  • Spend about three minutes
  • Flossing Your Teeth

    What is flossing? Why is it important? How often should you floss? What are the two most-common “flossing methods?” You should know the answers to these questions if you’re serious about removing bacteria and other debris that cannot be reached by toothbrush. We will be happy to provide you with the flossing basics. After all, Dr. Segal believes that flossing is the single most-important weapon against plaque, and a proven way to help to prevent cavities, periodontal disease, and other dental problems later in life.

    Fluoride Facts

    Fluoride is a compound of the element “fluorine,” which can found throughout nature in water, soil, air, and food. Fluoride is often added to our drinking water where it gets easily absorbed into tooth enamel, which helps to reduce tooth decay. There’s so much more to the fluoride story. Get all the fluoride info you need from Dr. Segal and his caring staff.

    Mouth Rinses

    Some mouth rinses are cosmetic – they merely freshen the breath and kill some bacteria. But it’s better to use mouth rinses that are therapeutic because they fight plaque, and help prevent cavities and gingivitis. Let our doctors and staff know if you need some recommendations.


    Sealants have been around a long time now. They‘re great for filling those deep crevices in the tops of the permanent teeth of children. They keep bacteria and other debris from compromising the top of the tooth. And that keeps the chewing surfaces stronger and healthier. Ask our dental team about sealants and their effectiveness.


    X-rays are a valuable tool. When an X-ray is taken, the teeth always appear lighter in color, while cavities and gum disease appear darker. Children may need more X-rays than adults because a child’s teeth and jaw are still developing. If you have any questions or concerns regarding X-rays, please start a conversation so we can discuss.

    Denture Care

    Dentures are wonderful. Just ask any person who has them. But, just like teeth, dentures need care – as much care as you would give your regular teeth. And that means regular brushing to remove plaque and bacteria, plus regular trips to the dentist for advanced denture care and inspections.

    Emergency Dental Care

    A dental emergency is never fun. But it should always be taken seriously and acted on quickly to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. We suggest that you apply a cold compress immediately. And be sure to contact our office ASAP at 215-752-0474.

    Women and Tooth Care

    Every woman goes through a number of unique changes throughout her life. Hormone levels can surge at times. The risk of gingivitis can increase when a woman takes birth control pills. And this is just the beginning. Dr. Segal understands this and personalizes your care accordingly. Ask if you have questions.

    Seniors and Oral Health

    Just because you get older doesn’t mean you’ll automatically need dentures. Dr. Segal can help you keep your teeth for your entire life by helping you maintain a healthy balance of good diet and good oral hygiene. Using some of our ideas, people who suffer from arthritis or other problems of dexterity may also find it easier and less painful to practice good oral hygiene. See what we can do.

    Nutrition and Your Teeth

    Good nutrition almost always leads to better oral health. And good nutrition should start in early childhood. Goals should include: a well-balanced diet, plenty of vitamins and minerals, good sources of calcium, avoiding excessive sugar and carbs, avoiding carbonated beverages, and much more. This is just a start. Let our dentists tell the whole story.